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Care Professional Dress Code

  • Your badge is always required.​​ It should be clipped to your shirt or pants so it is fully visible.​

  • The Home Instead Polo or Scrub Top is required on first visit with a new client. ​​

  • Tops should be neat and clean no stains, rips, or tears. No tank tops or sleeveless tops. Nothing too low cut or revealing. Scrub tops are allowed for PC Caregivers. ​

  • Pants should be neat and clean no stains, rips, or tears. They should fit appropriately nothing too baggy or too tight. Bermuda length shorts are allowed in the summer, they should be knee length. Jeans are allowed. Leggings are only allowed if you wear a tunic length top or dress that covers your front and your bum. Scrub Bottoms are allowed for PC Caregivers. 

  • Sneakers or rubber soled closed toe shoes are required.​​​ Crocs must be worn with the ankle strap on.

  • Hair/Nails/Facial Hair should be appropriately groomed. ​Nails should be kept at an appropriate length.​​

  • No facial piercings other than a single stud or single hoop in the nose and ears. No gauges or barbell piercings.​​​

  • Tattoos should be covered until you know if your client is comfortable with them or not.


If you wouldn’t wear it to church or to see your own parent or grandparent. DON’T wear it to our Clients.

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