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Our clients depend on us to maintain their quality of living, and in some cases, their wellbeing is dependent on the CAREGiver’s presence.​

Caregivers must maintain their availability to stay active and to maintain their skills within our Company. Caregivers will follow the guidelines below to maintain a reliable schedule for their Clients:​

  • Caregivers will maintain at least 9 hours of work per week.​​

  • Caregivers will arrive on time to their scheduled shifts or notify the office promptly if they are running late. 

  • Caregivers may not leave a shift early until first contacting the office and confirming that it is ok to leave early.

  • Caregivers will maintain the schedule of availability you gave us at orientation for the first 90 days of hire.​

  • After the first 90 days any ongoing availability changes that need to be made should be made with two weeks' notice to give the Client Care Managers plenty of time to find and train your replacement on a case and find and train you on a new case that fits in with your newly requested schedule.​​

  • Caregivers with three or more short notice call outs (Four hours or less from your shift start time) in a 30-day period will result in a written warning.  Three written warnings will result in termination. ​​

  • You will properly notify your Supervisors of any planned days off or vacation time by submitting a time off form or submitting a time off request on the Caregiver Website in a timely manner.​

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